Looks like we can finally start watering our lawns and washing our own cars again.  Officials say the drought that killed us last year is over.  However, things shouldn’t go back to normal quite yet.

Turns out, much of the state continues to experience “abnormally dry” conditions.  So, watering lawns is a definite yes… but only for certain days.

Fairfield Daily Voice reports that 92.69 percent Fairfield County, which experienced the brunt of the drought, downgraded to abnormally dry.  A little over six months ago, about 100 percent of the county experienced drought conditions.  Then, by November, the problem grew to an “extreme” drought.

It did wonders to my self esteem when I got weekly mail reminders about how I’m a horrible person for using any water whatsoever.  Then again, things were starting to get real bad.

For example, reservoirs were reaching minimum capacity at one point.  Also, some people’s wells dried right up and forced homeowners to drill new ones.

Thankfully, the state experienced an onslaught of April showers.  It rained every other day throughout the month.  To the point people actually started to feel a little stir-crazy.

However, the state has ways to go before making a complete recovery.  It looks like we still need several more potent rain showers to really get us back on track.

Also, about a quarter of the state remains under some form of drought, too.  Mostly, it’s Hartford and Litchfield County.  But, there’s also parts of Middlesex and New London County that still have to worry about conserving water.

But, thankfully, conditions aren’t nearly as bad as they could have been.  And, it looks like things will continue to improve as more rain rolls through the state.

With that said, have an umbrella handy this summer.  Someone shook their rain stick a little too hard.  But, it’s not like we can actually complain considering the alternative.

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