When it comes to shopping in Connecticut, we locals need to be pretty savvy. The cost of living is already so high, we’re almost always better off waiting for a better deal to present itself.

As a result, we’re all pretty familiar with the buy one, get one deal. Some of us have even been so lucky as to see a buy one, get two. That’s like finding a winning scratch off ticket.

But what about the 8 for one deal? I’m willing to bet no one has seen anything that good. But that very offer is on the table for island hunters looking to buy near Connecticut’s shores.

According to (presumably rich person website) Mansion Global, a collection of 8 islands off the coast of Connecticut can all be purchased for one price. And while the group of islands had once been listed for more than $75 million, the current owners just dropped the price tag.

The current asking price? $50 million.

For that, you’ll snag Rogers Island and the 13,000 square foot mansion that was built on it, along with the following 7 islands: “Wheeler Island, Jepson, and Reel Islands, Cut in Two East Island, Cut in Two West Island, East Crib Island, Belden Island and an on-shore waterfront property on Prospect Hill.”

Now, $50 million is no small figure. This deal is still pretty much only for the uber wealthy. But if you’re one of those people who can afford to buy a bunch of islands, this deal has got to be pretty tempting. The asking price just dropped $28 million. You get 8 islands for one price. And a giant mansion with a tennis court and putting green are included.

I know Connecticut real estate hasn’t been doing too hot this winter, so maybe the price will drop even more in the coming months. But with the sellers willing to part with the islands on an individual basis as well, those in the market for a private island would be smart to strike while the iron is hot.

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