In what they claim is a video for charity Pedigree are encouraging folks to watch their minute long video of puppies. Being a huge cynic I know this is a marketing campaign with some money tied to charity but I don’t care! Just look at the puppies!



My only questions is, why only a minute? Give me ten minutes of cute pups frolicking and being cute. Hell, give me ten minutes of puppies sitting next to their poop like the pup at the :47 mark clearly is. And the boxer right after that?! Well, he win the Cutest Pup Award. As long as companies keep pumping out videos of cute animals they have my views. Maybe not my dollars but they will get my views. So, waste some time at work today by watching this video.

Two final things: Do I think that boxer really winked? No, but I want to believe. And yes, those are my dogs in the main image. Simply because they are adorable and I don’t have to worry about image rights with that pic.

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