The winner, and champion of the most popular dog breed for the 28th consecutive year in a row….is the Labrador retriever!

Labs are credited with the top spot again, having broken the longest consecutive streak for most popular dog back in 2013.

Fans credit the Lab’s nature and their  many canine roles: bomb-sniffer, service dog, hunters’ helper, dog-sport competitor and patient family pet.

German Shepards are right behind the Labs for the second spot, then golden retrievers, French bulldogs, and bulldogs.

One dog that saw a severe drop in popularity was the chow chow. I don’t know why they are ranked so low, but their faces are adorable.

Personally…if we’re ranking dogs, top 3:

1- Weiner dogs: Pretty self explanatory, simply adorable, can be dressed up like tiny ketchup and hotdogs.

2- Golden Retrievers- SUCH a cute face, always on those cute Facebook videos.

3- Huskys- Those eyes though.


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