We all know who Smokey the Bear is. “Only you can prevent forest fires.”

Now, he’s asking you to use your head and put down the matches because now’s definitely not the time to be taking care of your brush problem.   Or entertaining your inner pyromaniac.

With the forecast predicting very little to no rain for the next few days, the state has issued a high fire danger alert.  Meaning: if you light a match, it might catch.

The dry weather is already taking a toll.

The CT Post reports that a large brush fire erupted in Stratford, near the Sikorsky area of Broadbridge Avenue and Second Hill Lane, on Friday.  The area was very close to high tension electrical wires.

Fire season in Connecticut typically lasts through May.  Which means, it’s super obvious that you shouldn’t be building campfires or burning with the fire danger being this high.

Yet, some people still miss the point of the fire danger system.  Forest fires consume about 500 acres every year in Connecticut.

If you want to know whether or not you can whip out the marshmallows or burn barrel, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has a handy-dandy fire level reading right HERE.

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