Wow.  That escalated quickly. So, don’t bring up ratings around Governor Malloy.  Because, he’ll basically roll up into a defensive ball and start hissing.  A radio host  found that out the hard way when she called him unlikable live on air.

Okay, here’s some insight.  Governor Malloy doesn’t do himself any favors denying the fact that he’s unpopular.  America voted him as one of the least liked governors in the country.  Out of all 50 governors in the nation, Malloy is third worst.

But, he can’t forget when his approval rating was the lowest in America.  On top of that, it wasn’t that long ago when he was actually #50 on the list of the nation’s best governors.

Either way, out of all the nation’s Democratic governors, he’s the least popular.  Because, honestly, he’s done a terrible job in Connecticut’s highest office.  He’ll tax the people dry despite the fact that legalizing a certain green leaf will provide a steady stream of revenue.

B-buh-b-bu-ah-um… Tolls!  That’s really what the people want and need.  Because who doesn’t like paying more money?

So, fact proven. It’s pretty evident that Dan Malloy fell from our good graces.  I mean, if you ask a random on the street what they think of him, you’ll get some pretty colorful answers.  Look at the comments section on any article about him!

Some call him tone deaf while others accuse him of being a conceited dirtbag who doesn’t care at all about the working-class. Also, people firmly believe he is the sole reason why Connecticut is floundering financially.

In short: not that many people like him.  In fact, I’d say more people hate him than love him.  Unless if he’s got a wicked extended family, then that’s up in the air.

But, do you think he got the memo?

Obviously not.

During “Where We Live” on WNPR, the host touched upon his unpopularity.  Actually, it did come out like a quip that perhaps, maybe, was a little harsh.  But, then again, the truth hurts.

Either way, it brought out Dan Malloy’s snarky defensive side.  So, it made for good radio.

What do you think?  Was that unlikable remark unwarranted or totally deserved?  Also, what do you think of Governor Malloy’s defense?

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