This week is Rail Safety Week, and as a result, the Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) rolled out safety tips for commuters and drivers.

2018 is the second annual National Rail Safety Week. According to an article on WTNH entitled DOT, Amtrak kick off Rail Safety Week, there are 2,000 people that are hurt or injured at railroad crossings annually. The article stated that the goal of Rail Safety Week is trying to lower that number.

Furthermore, the article goes onto state many departments in the state are trying to communicate the importance of rail safety. One area of focus is the Hartford Line, simply because it’s a newer line.

But, the message doesn’t stop there. According to an article on Fox 61 entitled Nationwide rail safety campaign rolls out in CT, Operation Lifesaver is targeting new drivers. The article said that there will be questions on the written exam.

Furthermore, the article said that DOT officials are reaching out to 5,000 children — all up and down the Hartford Line.

Their outreach doesn’t stop there. According to a press release on the DOT site, they will be doing site visits and events. All of this is to ensure that “motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists and rail travelers get this important safety message.”

One event, according to the press release, is Operation Clear Tracks. On Tuesday, September 25, Amtrak, local police departments and CTDOT will “join forces to conduct rail safety outreach to drivers and pedestrians at rail crossings” in Wallingford, New London, Meriden, Hartford, Wallingford, Suffield, and Plainfield. Additionally, on Thursday, September 28, CT DOT will be on site at New Haven’s Union Station to share safety tips with travelers.

In addition, DOT is releasing some important tips for both drivers and pedestrians on how to stay safe with trains around. These tips, according to FOX61 include:

  1.  Never trespass on railroad tracks.
  2. Drivers should never attempt to drive around a lowered gate or disregard other audio or visual cues.
  3.  Children should never play on or near railroad tracks.
  4.  Bicyclists should always disembark and walk across railroad tracks when possible.
  5. Rail passengers should stay alert always when on a platform or train.

For further information, be sure to visit Connecticut’s Operation Lifesaver website.

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