That headline is super painful to write because every part of it was by chance, and yet all of me knows that that kind of chance will never shine favorably on me. And no, the paper wasn’t a lotto ticket.

Instead, it was a piece of sheet music that belonged to Beethoven. Yes, that Beethoven.

According to The New York Post, a woman in Greenwich invited an appraiser to her house to find out what some of her crap was worth, and he happened to spot a piece of sheet music with familiar handwriting.

It was familiar because the appraiser had seen Beethoven’s handwriting before and this handwriting was the same. A little research and authentication later, and this woman is collection a $100,000 check from a German antiques dealer.

How did she get the music? No clue. Did she know what it was before the appraiser told her? Probably not. Was she just the kind of person that didn’t throw things out even if she had no clue what they were or how valuable they might be? That’s my guess.

This is just so much dumb luck and I’m so jealous of all of it. How could you ever feel safe throwing something out when doing so could prevent you from becoming the next iteration of this old lady?

I’m starting to understand hoarding and that scares me.

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