I’m an animal nerd.  Not like the kind of animal nerd that likes to cuddle furry little creatures- the kind that’s really into learning about rare species of things.  Chances are good that you’ve seen four million deer if you live in Connecticut… on the Merritt… in your backyard… while shopping at a Stop and Shop in the parking lot, etc. BUT have you ever seen an all white deer?  Probably not.  That’s why this one is so cool.

A Danbury woman spotted a white deer in her yard and took video to prove it.  Turns out that about 1 in a 100 deer are born all white but most never live past three months because they can’t hide from predators (Awww!) This particular deer looks to be a Piebold deer which has some pigment making it different from a true albino deer.

Kinda cool, right?


(video/image via CBS NEWS/ WCBS)


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