Ah, the best time of the year to shop until you drop is here.  Connecticut’s blissful sales tax holiday will return this Sunday, promising no added fees on clothing under $100.  So, if you need to stock up on back to school gear, your time has come.

CT Mirror reports that despite a lack of a state budget, Connecticut has no choice but to enact the holiday.  State statute demands it.

So, for the 17th year, Nutmeggers get to spend with reckless abandon and curate a new wardrobe.   The event runs from the 20th to the 26th.

Also, in regards to the residents who want to stick it to our government, the holiday will cost state officials an estimated $4.1 million in revenue.  Just saying.  You know, do whatever damage you can before that sales tax increase comes knocking on our doors.

Then again, that amount of money pales in comparison to the deficit our political leaders managed to rack up.

So, while some lawmakers hem and haw over the loss of funds and bemoan the state observed holiday, other see it as a promising economic boost.

Kevin B. Sullivan, commissioner of the Department of Revenue Services, says the sales tax holiday has many benefits.

“In Connecticut and other states, the sales tax holiday generally falls around back-to-school season and getting a sales tax break certainly helps.  Just as important, retailers will add promotional inducements such as discounts, so there’s a price savings plus a tax savings and the ability of consumers to upscale their purchases.”

Anyways, if you need to grab a new set of legwarmers or slippers, now’s your chance to get ‘er done.  Here’s a LIST of all the items that will fall under a tax-free status next week.  Store owners all around the state say that they might hold a special sale to compliment the tax holiday.

So, you could very well get more than you bargained for.  Which is never a bad thing, is it?


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