It’s a dream come true for Connecticut’s greatest basketball player.  The Basketball Hall of Fame is finally inducting Rebecca Lobo!

The Hartford Courant reports that the Uconn Huskies’ legend scored basketball’s highest honor.  She’s joining the 2017 class of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame!  Honestly, it’s about dang time, too!

She is pretty much the reason why the public started paying attention to women’s basketball in the first place.  In 1995, she led the Huskies to their first-ever national championship.  Plus, she also helped kick start one of the greatest rivalries in sport’s history: UConn vs Tennessee.    What I wouldn’t give to have that rivalry again.  Those games were NUTS!

By the way, UConn capped off an impressive 35-0 season that year, too!  Which, I should add, was a first in team history.

Pretty soon, any girl who could dribble a ball wanted to play for UConn.  The country’s most talented players started lining up for Geno Auriemma, allowing him to assemble his personal team of powerhouses that, to this day, DOMINATE the courts.

Besides, if it weren’t for Rebecca Lobo, I never would have discovered my favorite basketball player of all time, Svetlana Abrosimova!

No, seriously, I had a life size poster of Svetlana and everything when she played for UConn.  I was practically her biggest fan.  So I am eternally grateful that Lobo chose to play for UConn back in 1991.  She created one of the biggest basketball legacies of all time.

So, in short, Rebecca Lobo is the reason why Connecticut LOVES the UConn Huskies.  It sparked an absolute fever that rages to this day!  Heck, her time on the team is known as the Rebecca Lobo Era!

She’s an absolute sensation.  Heck, Former-President Bill Clinton sang her Happy Birthday AND Ludacris rapped about her.   In short, she is basketball royalty!


With that said, Rebecca Lobo’s nomination to the Basketball Hall of Fame is way overdue.  She made women’s basketball the absolute beast that it is!

Despite that, she found the news quite shocking and is pretty humble about it:

“Honestly, I never dreamed about it.  I dreamed about a national championship. All those times I visited the Hall, I never thought it was in the realm of possibility.”

Meanwhile, most of Connecticut nodded its head and smiled.

The induction ceremony will happen on September 8th.  It’ll be a pretty emotional event since Coach Geno will be escorting Lobo onto the stage.  Talk about full circle.

Will you be going or will you watch the induction ceremony?  You bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be making a viewing party out of it!


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