I love games where I can destroy someone or something in a single sentence.  Pure wit condensed into it’s finest form.  Brevity.  Truly, it’s an art that so few have mastered.

So, when Reddit challenged users to tick off Connecticut in one sentence, I was there with bells on, and man, I was not disappointed.

Now, Connecticut has obviously gone through and continues to endure some rough times.  Emotions are running high and the people are restless.  But seriously, we all could use to laugh… especially at ourselves.  Y’know.  Catharsis.  Or something.

I cherry picked my four favorite zingers, but feel free to tell me yours – or even better – come up with your very own sentence.  You automatically win if someone starts arguing with you.

You can check out the Reddit thread over HERE, but be warned, there be dirty language about.

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