Let’s face it: people are dreading the Presidential election this year.  We are dealing with the least popular candidates of all time!  One candidate is under federal investigation while the other has said some pretty creepy things about women.  No matter who wins, not that many people will be pleased about it.

Still, one of them will be our next President and, chances are, you have made up your mind on who you’d rather have sitting in the Oval Office.  And, honestly, people are running scared that the wrong person will become the most powerful person in the world, so they’re clamoring to get themselves registered to cast ballots on the 8th.

People are registering to vote at record paces in Connecticut.  Daily Progress reports that, as of last Wednesday, 2.1 million Connecticut residents have registered to vote.  This trumps the previous record set in 2008.

Still, not everyone in the state has registered and the deadline to do that is tomorrow, November 1st.

You can register to vote online, in person at the DMV, or via snail mail.  Although, the last option may be the least viable considering the deadline is strictly enforced and registration must be turned in on the 1st.  No exceptions.

Connecticut does allow unregistered voters to cast ballots for President on Election Day, but Secretary of the State Denise Merrill advises against that, cautioning that those lines will be extremely long.

So, if you want to easily duck in and out at the local polling station to vote not only for our next President, but also on who should take the reigns of leadership of our gorgeous state of Connecticut, you have until tomorrow, November 1st, to make that happen.

If you are unsure if you are already registered, you can check HERE.

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