There’s a swath of amazing burger chains out there in the wild American wilderness.  So, when one of those”up and coming” chains makes landfall in Connecticut, we make a huge deal of it.

In a state dominated by Subways, Dunkin Donuts, and McDonald’s, sometimes we as weary connoisseurs of greasy quick food crave a new brand.  By different brand, I mean, all the things that tend to snub the East Coast (except New York City.)

According to the Hartford Courant, one of the most popular burger chains has committed to expanding their stake in Connecticut and is planning to open its third location in Corbins Corner!

Shake Shack has two other locations in Westport and New Haven.  Their burgers are said to be some of the best because each patty is made of 100% angus beef that is completely devoid of hormones and antibiotics.  Because of that, paired with their insanely delicious milkshakes, it is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing burger chains in America.

On the topic of their milkshakes, called “Frozen Custard,” are very fancy and tasty concoctions that blend some of your favorite mix-ins like cookie dough, chocolate, bananas… you name it.  Heck, there’s one shake that purees an entire slice of pie into the drink!

The new Shake Shack will open in the “The Corbin Collection,” which will be in the former Sears location in the mall.  There isn’t an exact opening date, but we’re all hoping its very soon!

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