After sweating nonstop for six days, we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  CT’s heat wave is officially over!  Also leaving with the heat is that ridiculously high humidity that made hair untameable everywhere.

Fox 61 reports that a series of storms will blow in a cold front, that should break the heat spell.  Unfortunately, we will have to suffer through some heavy rain first.

Which, honestly, isn’t the worst thing since we’re in store for another streak of dry weather.  If the buckets of rain stave off another drought, I’m cool with it.

So, besides downpours, expect extremely gusty winds this afternoon.  But, as we approach the evening, you’ll notice that the air will have a familiar dryness to it.

Yep, once the storms go, they’ll take the humidity with them.   You could actually leave the windows open tonight and give your air conditioners a well-deserved rest.  The overnight looks to hit around 60, with some areas seeing 50-degree weather with humidity hovering around 50 percent.

This weekend looks to be the best yet since we’ll enjoy low humidity, sunny skies, and warm temperatures in the high 70’s.  So say goodbye to the “holy crap is it okay to walk around in my underwear” weather.

Sunday looks to be the comfiest day we’ve had all season, so make the most of it!  Go do a bottomless brunch or visit the beach.  You will definitely want to take advantage of this weather.  Overall, its perfect.

But, come Monday the 16th, we’re in store for ANOTHER heat wave and this one looks like it’ll last longer.  On the bright side, the humidity won’t be as bad.

So go out and enjoy yourself this weekend.  But, be sure to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water while doing so!


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