If you are the type who likes to have your decisions made for you this story should make your day! As if we don’t have enough laws in place dictating what behaviors we can or can’t indulge in our very own Rep. Rosa DeLauro has proposed the Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Tax or SWEET Act. Rep. DeLauro wants to implement a one cent per teaspoon of sweetener tax on sodas, energy and sports drinks and sweet tea.

Where do I begin with this nonsense? Clearly Rosa has never enjoyed a sweet tea. The tax on that would reach almost a dollar! And if you are going to do it why aren’t coffee drinks included? And why are we going to tax sweeteners, of which most are corn-based, when we subsidize said corn!?

I would assume most people feel like CT is pretty heavily taxed as it is and we don’t get much in return. I mean, if I am going to have to pay two to three more cents daily for my Red Bull at least get me a pro sports team!

Or you could stop advocating for Sin Taxes. Guess what Rosa? Some things are bad for us but we enjoy them. They are called vices. You don’t have to indulge in them but stop trying to profit off our pleasure. You, and supporters of this bill like Larry Cohen (who ruined smoking in bars), can stop hiding behind “Think of the children!” and just live your own chaste, boring lives.

Via Free Beacon

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