I love Reddit.

And I love it for more than the obvious reasons (it’s a great way to kill time, it usually has a decent jump on the news, and it can be pretty funny). I love it because, here in Connecticut, not a lot is going on and the Connecticut subreddit is a beautiful place to see what’s on people’s minds across the state.

Today, we look at the perfect example of that. I saw a post on /r/Connecticut this week from redditor gabiann1127 with the simple headline: “Has anyone been seeing/hearing about clown sightings in Meriden, Connecticut?

If you tell me you wouldn’t click on that, you’re a damn liar.

I couldn’t resist, but there isn’t much more info to go on. The poster simply wrote, “Been hearing about possible clown sightings in Meriden and wondering if anyone else has? Maybe even photos?”

And since that isn’t any more helpful, we’re left only to imagine what in the world is going on in Meriden right now.

I like to imagine that, with October upon us, fall in the air, and Halloween right around the corner, there are people who really get into the spirit and wear their costumes for a month straight leading up to the big day. Maybe they even pull stunts like this:

Until someone tells me otherwise, I choose to believe there are crazy clown people running around Meriden pretending they’re hiding bodies and carrying out elaborate murders. Of course, if that is actually what’s happening, someone needs to do us all a favor and get video of that. Then post it on /r/Connecticut.

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