Everyone take a deep breath with me.  Hold in in for a few seconds.  Still holding your breath?  Good.

Now slowly let the air out.  Fully exhaled?  Good.  Now do this three more times before you proceed to the next sentence.

Governor Dannel Malloy has proposed a 6 percent increase in Metro North fares.  While all of Connecticut played in the sunshine over the weekend, the State Department of Transportation schemed behind closed doors.

With hunched backs and yellow teeth bared, the representatives sneered down at their new plan that cuts a new wound into our already beleaguered wallets.  Not only is Metro North on the hook, Metro East and bus fares are also in line for this wretched fare hike.

They say it’s all to cover cuts in the state transportation budget.  Meanwhile, our dear cackling Governor spends half a million on two new statues absolutely no one wanted and proceeds to fund research of a mileage tax that, again, no one wants.

While we’re on this Malloy hate-train, why not revisit how he blatantly rubbed it in our peasant faces that he is above getting a good ol’ fashioned frisk by the TSA.  Obviously, one so pompous yet so out-of-touch with those who voted him in mustn’t be that big of a threat to national security.

Oh wait.

Okay, back to deep breaths.  We have more rubbish to dig through to really get this hate parade started.  In the meantime, why not kiss your checkbook and apologize for how our government is mishandling it.

So, the CT Post reports that this new transportation bill will not only jack up fares, but close ticket windows at stations and rest stops on the highways… even though they were all basically redone in, like, the past four years?  How much money will now be wasted on that particular project?

It’s like a sitcom that writes itself, yet no one is laughing.

So, this wonderful fare increase is supposedly in direct connection to that $37 million cut from the DOT’s budget, which resulted in thousands of layoffs.

Malloy wrote a letter to the General Assembly’s leadership on Friday, “I believe we should let this be a reminder as to what happens when transportation funding is cut, our economy suffers, and because our systems deteriorate, consumers face higher costs and lose more time in traffic.”

Should this be approved, bus fares are set to go up by a quarter, tickets on Metro North will go up about 6 percent, ticket windows at the Greenwich, South Norwalk and Bridgeport train stations will close, the Westbrook rest stop will shutter for good, and staff hours from other rest stops will be slashed because the state will do away with overnight hours.

Oh, yeah, Malloy gave us an ultimatum: if these fare hikes aren’t approved: highway work could stop.

“It’s not by chance that they chose a summertime Friday to slip this bad news over the transom, hoping nobody would notice,” cautioned James Cameron of the Commuter Action Group.

In short, it looks like we have no choice but swallow yet another painful pill due to Hartford’s “incompetence.”

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