Well, it has been nice knowing you but the Robot Apocalypse is coming. See, our lawmakers seem to be keen on allowing law enforcement to arm quad-copters (or drones…) with lethal weapons in the name of safety. Would could go wrong, right?

How about everything?! Has no one seen The Terminator series? Robots are already stealing our jobs and now they want to put lethal weapons in their hands? Oh, you are probably saying “But Ed, the officers will be in control.” and I say “Will they?!” They might be meant to but what about when the robots gain sentience? What happens when they are hacked?

And that doesn’t even discount user error! What’s the training going to be for these things? There are plenty of smart capable people, let alone officers, who have a hard time with a smart phone! Are you willing to take the risk of a flying death machine being unleashed in your neighborhood?

Before you go “What a great idea this is, maybe I will do the same” you have to know that this is an exception for law enforcement. The rest of have to keep our weapons in our hands. No flying hatchet-bot for you my friends.

Call me old fashioned but I like my law enforcement to keep their weapons on them. Not flying around the sky all willy-nilly.


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