The Tide Pod Challenge already sent 39 teenagers to the hospital.  That’s why Rob Gronkowski stepped in to set the record straight.

Daily Mail reports that the Patriots star partnered with Proctor and Gamble in the fight against the Tide Pod Challenge.  If you want to take down the latest viral craze, better hire a tight end.  Or linebacker.  Or, heck, someone with name recognition.

Luckily, Gronk covers 2 out of those 3 requirements.

So, here’s how the Tide Pod Challenge works.  After joking about how the detergent pods look like gushers or candy, impressionable teens started putting them in their mouths.

Lo and behold, the Tide Pod Challenge was born.

The photos evolved to people daring each other to eat the pods since nothing’s edgier than “eating the forbidden fruit.”  So, videos of teens nibbling on the packets perforated internet search engines. Within the first fifteen days of 2018, 39 kids were rushed to the hospital.

In all of 2017, that number was 53.  Also, 10 people died. However, 2 of the deaths were toddlers while the rest involved elderly patients with dementia.

So, yes, 2018 could very well set a record we never wanted to achieve in terms of hospitalizations.  As for deaths, yes, those teens sure are working on it.

So, in the fallout of the Tide Pod Challenge, social media sites began scrubbing the videos in an effort to dissuade others from partaking in the dangerous activity.

Also, as an aside, scientists theorize that the pods bright colors and squishy texture might play a role.  They say because an innate part of our brains likens their color and texture to ripe fruit.  But, it’s only a theory.  Not fact.

So, enter Rob Gronkowski.  The Patriot’s affable goofball who does know the difference between a tasty treat and poison.  The latter being the aforementioned Tide Pods.

Proctor and Gamble posted a 21-second PSA of Gronk literally telling people not to eat laundry detergent.  Well, basically all he says is the word “no” over and over again.  But, it does make its point.

Tide Pods contain ethanol and hydrogen peroxide, which are toxic.  Even a little detergent in your mouth causes burns to your mouth and throat, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Still, I find it so weird that NFL stars went from telling kids not to do drugs or drive drunk… now they’re telling kids not to eat laundry detergent.

My oh my have times changed.

So, considering challenge videos do get gradually dumber, what do you think will eventually replace the Tide Pod Challenge?

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