Welcome to the three-day weekend and, man, it’s time to party.  After the craziness of those storms, Rodney Laney is like a breath of fresh air that we all desperately need.  So, be sure to catch him at the Stress Factory in Bridgeport before you kick off your Memorial Day weekend.

His shows start tonight at 8pm and run through Saturday.

Laney’s resume includes just not stand-up, but also TV.  Yeah, he produced his own feature film, “Pride & Loyalty” in 2002, which starred several soap stars.  He also played Willie in the comedy “Tinsel Town” that same year.

However, his connections really speak about the kind of guy Laney is.  He’s appeared on P. Diddy’s “Bad Boys of Comedy, which aired on HBO.  He also created pilots for Comedy Central, MTV, and A&E.

While working on those, he appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend.”

I had the pleasure of speaking with Laney and, I swear, it was the best 15 minute conversation I ever had.  For a guy who did the comedy circuit for years, he was the most down-to-earth person I ever spoke with.  Simply put: I laughed my way through.

As for what to expect tonight through Saturday at the Stress Factory?  Expect an engaging show that pulls from a blend from his old routines and jokes on the fly.  Rodney Laney’s humor is all-ages.

Although he may use strong language from time to time, that doesn’t detract from his routine.  Instead, he’ll build up the punchline and also spray in a couple of one-liners while he’s at it.

Overall, if you just want to laugh, Rodney Laney is you guy.  He excels at it.  This comedian genuinely likes what he’s doing and wants to laugh along with you.

Plus, he served in the Air Force so you’re supporting a vet, too!

Actually, the Air Force is where he got his start!  His buddy wanted to be a stand-up comedian so they both went to a  comedy club one fateful night.

His friend bombed.  He didn’t.  And you know the rest of the story.

Click HERE to score tickets for his show, which goes on today, tomorrow, and Saturday at 8pm.  You won’t be disappointed.

Advice: don’t drink anything when he’s talking.  You will spray it everywhere.


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