Ron Burgundy Is In Milford Right Now; Got Hit In The Nuts

Ron Burgundy Is In Milford Right Now; Got Hit In The Nuts

By now, you know that “Anchorman: The Legend Continues” comes out in theaters on December 20. Only if you’ve been living under a rock do you not know that. In fact, we recently wrote an extended rant about Ron Burgundy, and the overexposure of the character. While I agree that he’s been overexposed, I disagree about being tired of him. I’m not. And, if I was standing outside of SBC Milford a short while ago, I would have lost my mind if I saw Ron Burgundy standing there on New Haven Ave.



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It seemed that Ron was on his way to the Dan Patrick Show, which has its studios above the Subway across from SBC in Milford.




That was, indeed, Ron Burgundy on his way in to the DP Show studio to be interviewed. Where he also was hit in the crotch with a football:










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