Say hello to your new Hartford Minor League baseball team. The Steamed Cheeseburgers of Hartford!

Before you freak out about losing the Yard Goats don’t worry it’s only for one game this season. If you remember last year the Yard Goats played one game as the Hartford Praying Mantis as a tribute to the Connecticut state insect. This game will celebrate the steamed cheeseburger which of course was invented right here in Connecticut.

We had a lot of debate in the CT Boom offices yesterday about what that thing on the side of the burger guy is. A fist? A glove? A hat? I was quick to settle the debate that it’s in fact a “bite” taken out of the burger.

You have to admit though the logo is pretty awesome. Get ready, that merchandise is going to sell out real fast. I sure hope that Dunkin’ Donuts Park is prepared to sell A TON of shirts, hats, and steamed meat when the Steamed Burgers take the field on August 12th. Yum.

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