The rose gold trend seems to be bleeding into the candy market, folks. Nestle introduced a Pink Kit Kat in its’ original birthplace, the United Kingdom.

This new hue, according to an article on CNN entitled Think Pink: New Rose Colored KitKat hits the UK, is a product of “distinctive ruby cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast, Brazil and Ecuador.”

However, don’t be fooled. This pink hue is 100 percent natural and according to the article, promises to have a “naturally fruity flavor.”

And, it tastes exactly as promised. According to an article on the Independent entitled Kit Kat Ruby Chocolate — What The New Pink Bar Actually Tastes Like, taste testers claim that it tastes very similar to the white chocolate version. But, what separates this from the white chocolate Kit Kat, is its berry undertone. The article says that it “gives it a sweet kick.”

Pink chocolate is still a relatively new flavor of chocolate. According to an article on Bravo entitled Milennial Pink Chocolate Now Exists So Your Candy Can Match Your Instagram Feed, pink chocolate is the first type of new chocolate in over 80 years. Classified as the “fourth type of chocolate,” the article says that it was unveiled by Swiss chocolate company, Barry Callebut in September 2017.

And, while pink chocolate hit markets in Europe and China in January, it is uncertain when they will hit shelves in the U.S. Hopefully, it will do so soon, because I’m sure many are eager to try it. Myself included.

With that being said, these Instagrammable Kit Kats will be going on sale in the United Kingdom on April 16. However, they also went on sale in January in Japan and Korea. However, I hope these go on sale in the U.S. soon, because I definitely want to give these a try.

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