There will be two types of people reading this article: those who really love it and those who really hate it.  No, you’re not allowed to be on the fence here.  Divide and conquer, people!

So, it seems that Hillary Clinton may be turning to Connecticut to provide her running mate.

USA Today says Senator Murphy is on the rumored shortlist of potential VP picks.  Although Murphy’s team has declined to comment, word has it his chances are looking pretty good.

The Clinton game plan is to pick a young senator from a state with a Democratic governor.  If she chooses, let’s say, Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, Governor Charlie Baker will pick a replacement that will most likely be a member of his party.

With Democrats controlling Connecticut, it’s obvious what kind of person Governor Malloy would pick to fill Muphy’s vacancy.

Murphy’s age also works in his favor.  Clinton is turning 69 soon, while Murphy is in his early 40s.  He’s also one of the youngest sitting US Senators and has a strong anti-gun record.  He also has Bernie Bro cred.  I mean, he has proclaimed himself as a “fresh, progressive voice.”

So, what doesn’t work in his favor?  Well, Connecticut is smurf blue when it comes to politics, let’s be real here – so he’s not going to win Hillary extra votes in November.  So, chances of him winning votes in a key swing state, like Ohio, are slim to none.

Do you think Chris Murphy has a shot being called “Mr. Vice President” or is this only a pipe dream with no possible means of gaining traction?

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