Yep. It’s not just drivers that are snarling up traffic in the city.

Traffic in Brooklyn was briefly held up by an alpaca that escaped his handlers and strolled down the borough’s streets.

Video of the incident shows the alpaca crossing the street while an onlooker shouts “runaway llama!”

Despite the onlooker’s claim that a llama was on the lamb, it was an alpaca.
Alfalfa’s owner Peter Jager says the animal was brought from his farm home in Connecticut as part of a education program for kindergartners and first-graders. The alpaca, named Alfalfa was part of a visual education display alongside animals like goats, ducks, chicks and a sheep.

Jager says Alfalfa was only loose for about five minutes, saying the trick to catch an alpaca is to walk it into a corner and not scare after the animal.

As the saying goes, always corner the alpaca.


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