WELL then… let’s all take a minute here to process what the heck is happening, shall we?  People are claiming President Trump is in bed with the Russians.  They also claim Russian interference in our election.  And, for the record, we’re now starting to get flashbacks of the Cold War.

So, that brings us to the big question of 2017.  The Russians: Friends?  Allies?  Snake people?  Who knows!  We simply don’t know what to do with them.

WFSB says that maybe it’s time we start exercising some caution.   I say that because a Russian spy ship has been spotted hanging around our nuclear sub base in New London.  Today, though, it moved closer to shore.

Reports are saying the spy ship hasn’t done anything illegal, yet.  It’s still in international waters, so they’re not necessarily breaking any laws.  But they’re certainly breaking stones.  A lot of stones.

The ship is an AGI (Auxiliary, General Intelligence,) and was supposedly patrolling between Cuba and New England.  It was going to turn back once it reached New London.

Instead, it ‘s decided to get pretty close to the international waters’ 24 mile boundary.  As of now, it’s chilling about 30 miles away from the harbor and Electric Boat.

Senator Chris Murphy is already sounding the alarm.


But, this wasn’t the only time Russia provoked America.  CBS reports they they did a good job getting under President Obama’s skin.  Now, it’s Trump’s turn.

In 2015, one of their spy ships was busted for loitering around over transatlantic cables.  And, a few days ago, some of their fighter jets flew “dangerously close” to our destroyers in the Baltic and Black Seas.

And, to be fair, we’re guilty of doing the same thing to our adversaries.  So let’s not play innocent here.

Still, it’s a really unsteady feeling being on the other side and having a potential enemy near one of America’s most valuable war assets. I mean, Electric Boat is getting ready to build 18 new nuclear submarines for our naval fleets.  So, it makes you wonder what the heck these Russians are up to.

And all our theories just make us feel queasy.

So, now, America is turning to President Trump in wonder of what he’ll say about this.  Anyone wanna take bets?

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