As someone who grew up on Sally’s Apizza, count me excited.  For awhile, the fate of this historic pizzeria hung in the balance and, honestly, I don’t think I’d survive if it closed for good.  However, the iconic restaurant has been saved.

Yesterday, it announced its new owners… along with some ambitious national plans.

Sally’s Apizza plans to go nationwide.

New Haven Register reports that the Consiglio family confirmed that they sold their pizza joint to Lineage Hospitality.  The pizzeria’s been in the family since 1932.  Everyone knows the story about how Sally’s came to be and its famous feud with Pepe’s.

Now, it looks like Pepe’s might be getting some serious competition soon.  I say bring it.  Like I said, I grew up on Sally’s and I say they have the superior pie.  Right now I’m absolutely drooling as I think about their delicious white clam pie.  Mmmm!

Okay, food porn aside, here’s what you need to know.

Lineage, based in Pennsylvania, plans to bring Sally’s to parts of the states who simply don’t know what good pizza is.

Which means people from Boston to LA will soon learn the deliciousness of pizza done right.

No need to worry about Lineage messing with how Sally’s tastes, either.  That’s because the investment consortium will work alongside the Consiglio family to bring the restaurant into national prominence.

On top of that, Lineage has no such plans to play with any of Sally’s recipes.  They even stated they will continue using the old family recipes and baking techniques.

Not to mention, Sally’s new owners excel at preserving iconic and historic restaurants.  The company aims to preserve their histories and the restaurants themselves.

So, I feel pretty good about this.  Besides, Connecticut’s claim to fame is our pizza.  So, someone messes with perfection, we’ll let them know.

In abundance.

Also, you want to head to Wooster Square today because Sally’s will celebrate their new owners with free pizza.  However, this offer extends to the first 80 people so be quick!

Sally’s Apizza reopens 3pm today.  I know, it’s been two months since they opened their doors and they plan to make a huge deal about it.

Welcome back, Sally’s.  We seriously missed you!

So, what do you make of the news?  Also, in the great pizza debate, who has the better pie?  Pepe’s, Modern, Sally’s, or somewhere else?

What do you think? Comment below