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If you are looking to get into the apizza game and want a sure-fire winner then your opportunity is here! Sally’s Apizza owner Bob Consiglio has confirmed that the business has had multiple offers but none that have advanced beyond the early stages until now.

The New Haven landmark was founded in 1938 and has been an institution for years. The rumors of a potential sale started when the family matriarch Flora “Flo” Consiglio passed away in 2012. Offers have been rolling in since then but none have tempting enough to get Bob to bite.

Sources have estimated the sale to be between the one and two million dollar range. The current offer is allegedly in the “delicate” stages but could be completed in a few weeks. If you have that kind of scratch sitting around you might be able to blow up that deal and purchase a New Haven treasure.

If ownership were to change hands it is no easy task for the new owners. How do you maintain the authenticity of Sally’s and put your own signature on the establishment? I would suggest they don’t change much. Maybe clean it up a little, add some seating and streamline some process to make serving more efficient. Otherwise, leave well enough alone. Too many times new owners come in and fix what ain’t broken.

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Via Courant

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