Everyone always has these conspiracy theories- I’ve heard all the crazy accusations.  From Sandy Hook being part of a cult plan (Give me a friggen’ break) to the terror attacks of 9/11 being blamed on our government (sigh),  it’s all just dumb.  But for once, I have a conspiracy theory.  I think the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection is hiding the growing population of Mountain Lions in Connecticut.

It seems that every time there’s a Mountain Lion sighting, an official comes forward to claim that it can’t be true.  They claim these animals don’t live here… How did they explain the bobcat that was killed on the Merritt a few years back?  They claimed it was a one time occurrence from a Mountain Lion that traveled 1500 miles from South Dakota.  That seems like they just made it up on the spot.  Did that cat have a GPS monitoring device attached to it’s tail?  How would they know that?    This month, a woman in Durham came forward to say that she saw what she believed to be a Mountain Lion in her backyard.  She lives in Durham near Lyman Orchards and Powder Ridge.  She even took a picture of it (see cover photo)- Yet officials continue to say that most people confuse big dogs or bobcats with Mountain Lions.

Not for nothing, but when you see a Mountain Lion- I’m going to assume you know the difference between that and a German Shepherd.  Plus, Mountain Lions were native to Connecticut 100 years ago, there’s about forty zillion deer running around (and apparently that’s what Mountain Lions hunt) so why is it so absurd that they may be coming south from Canada again?  Why is this so outrageous?  It’s like if Big Foot was found hit by a tractor trailer on I-95 and the DEEP said “Oh, it was a fluke- there’s no real Big Foot”- Clearly these animals have found their way to Connecticut.  But why do officials refuse to acknowledge this? I’m going to go with it’s a conspiracy.  They don’t want Connecticut residents freaking out because we’re going to have to start building electric fences around our townhouses to keep killer Mountain Lions out.  They probably have a team of researchers and scientists working underground at Sikorsky trying to figure out a way to protect us without letting us all know that our lives are in danger from these beasts…

Hm.  Well, maybe not all that.  Actually, I’m going to just go ahead and say there’s no underground team of mad-scientists creating sharks with laser beams on their heads to protect us from Mountain Lions.  But why can’t we just admit that there may be more of these big cats coming around?  Come to think of it- Maybe those laser sharks aren’t a bad idea.  It could happen.


Photo Credit/Source via Courant.com– Supplied by Caitlin Handley of Durham

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