Mother Nature matters!  After countless studies condemning the use of Styrofoam, Dunkin plans on taking them off the shelves.  Forever.

CNBC reports that New York and California will lose those cups this spring.  However, by 2020, the remaining 48 states will join them.

Dunkin says they implemented this cup rehaul because it’s the right thing to do.  The company recently announced its intentions to become more green and eco-friendly.  To them, this is the perfect first step in attaining that goal.

Still, it leaves many bewildered customers wondering what kind of cups Dunkin will use to pour their delicious coffee in.

Actually, the exact opposite happened.  Customers tried for YEARS for Dunkin to ditch their Styrofoam cups.  Countless reports found that these cups directly harm wildlife because they take so long to decompose.  Plus, Styrofoam isn’t recyclable, either.

So, there’s no responsible way to dispose of them except by throwing them in the trash.  Which, inevitably, winds up in landfills.

Then again, that’s if the  cups even make it to the garbage can.

And after someone tosses their cup for someone else to clean up, it falls into the waste stream.  Sometimes, the cups eventually find themselves floating in oceans where marine life tries to eat them.

Dunkin estimates this happens to a billion of their cups every year.


On top of that, scientists believe that a compound used in Styrofoam cups potentially causes cancer.

Double yikes.

So, that explains why they want to turn over a new leaf.  Personally, I hope more fast food chains follow their lead.  Already, Starbucks uses paper cups and biodegradable materials while McDonalds promised to transition to paper cups by the end of the year.

Seriously, we don’t need Styrofoam anymore because we eat or drink what we purchased within 20 to 30 minutes.  Plus, I prefer unwrapping my burgers because it means my teeth gets to them faster.

Also, crumpling up a used paper cup is downright theraputic after a long day at work.  Just give it a try.  You can’t do that with Styrofoam unless you want to stab it repeatedly with a pen.

And, if you do that, what’s WRONG with you?

Already, Dunkin tested out their replacement cups in their Quincy locations and, so far, the response is very positive.

So, what replaced the Styrofoam cup?  A double-walled paper cup.    It’s recyclable because it decomposes but, most importantly, it won’t cause cancer.

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