Dear Friendly’s,

I always wondered how you stayed in business.  Your establishment was always a mess.  Sugar packets tossed on the floor.  Cups of half spilled milk littered the tables.  Your waitstaff, for the most part, was terrible- But you were ours.  You were our Friendly’s in Darien.  Although your food was subpar at best, I looked forward to my  Reeses Peanut Buttercup Sundae.  I’m also not ashamed to admit that I could eat an entire five scoop Jim Dandy that was meant for a family all by myself- but all things must come to an end.. a Happy Ending.  After 40 years of business, you’ve closed your doors.

After all we’ve been through, I thought maybe you would give me a heads up.  Maybe some notice that my days of cold fries and yellow cheese quesadillas would be coming to an end- but no.  I turned my head and suddenly you were gone.  You closed your doors forever on Tuesday.  I haven’t had much time to mourn.  I didn’t get to say goodbye.  I will miss you.  I would recruit any child that was willing to come with me to enjoy your Fribbles.  I enjoyed the variety of being surrounded by toddlers and elderly couple’s over 94 years-old.  We always came for dinner at 3pm.  The early-bird special was a major draw and worked for me since I typically like to eat dinner twice anyway.

According to sources, your lease was up at the Darien location- but I know the truth.  You were the embarrassment of all the Friendly’s because you never quite got your act together.  Don’t be ashamed- be proud of your forty year legacy.  I know deep down it wasn’t easy being the crappy food chain in a high end town like Darien.  They may have shunned you, but I always loved you.

I will miss your ridiculously long spoons.  I will miss the Claw Crane game in your entranceway that never let me win any stuffed animals.  Those same stuffed animals had been in there since the mid 70’s.  I will miss rejoicing in your new sundaes that became fatter and more over the top than the last (Your Hunka Chunka PB Fudge Lava Cake got more through some pretty bad break ups).  I will miss the awkward exchange I would have with the person sitting on the opposite side of my booth.  I will miss that removable partition.  I will miss wandering around trying to find a server.  But most of all, I will miss your ice cream and knowing that walking through your doors truly was a “judge free zone”.  No one ever questioned my request for extra fudge and peanut butter.  I was just like the others… in need of a fat fix.

So goodbye Friendly’s of Darien.  I pray they don’t replace you with another Panera Bread.

With Love Always,


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