It started simply enough.

A phone call from my pal, asking me if I’d be down for trivia with some other friends & co-workers at Plan B. Burger in Milford.

Considering that I live in SoNo, and that I hate driving pretty much anywhere, I was quickly wracking my brain for excuses not to go. And that’s when he hit me with the question that quickly made the decision for me.

“C’mon. When’s the last time you’ve ever actually won ANYTHING?”

And the truth is, I couldn’t even remember. I dunno, maybe like $100 on a scratch ticket like five years ago? A few random hands of poker here n’ there?

Regardless, it kind of lit a fire under my ass- and just like that, that simple question motivated me enough to make the half hour drive up 95 to Plan B.

Almost immediately after I arrived as the fifth member of our team (“Meghan’s New Hair Color”-to honor the new ‘do of one of our teammates) I remembered that even though I don’t consider myself a trivia junkie by any means, I love the ritual of trivia night.

It had been years since I’d participated in a trivia night on a regular basis, but now I think I need one back in my life again. And as I sat at my table sipping my cheap-ass Narragansett draft, I began to wonder: what is it about this little competition that I’ve always loved so much? Why do I and others like racking our brains and resurrecting useless knowledge and information? And furthermore, considering how mobbed the joint was on a random Thursday night, why do we participate in trivia competitions as a social ritual?

Well, despite my friend’s lust for winning, I generally think that the draw of Trivia Night is that the expectations and risks are low, thus the reason so many people participate. Plus, it’s always a good time sucking down some wings and beers while bullshitting with your friends, right?

Now with all that being said, I’m proud to announce that “Meghan’s New Hair Color” tore shit up last night, rallying from 5th place with just two rounds to go, to winning the whole damn Trivia Night.

And it was awesome.

High fives, yelling, that temporary feeling of being not only drunk-but also drunk with power.

Speaking on behalf of my teammates, I think they’d all agree that it was pretty invigorating all-around.

The problem is (and this is no offense to Plan B. Burgers, who are great) is that for all of our trivia savvy, and knack for the comeback, all we won besides the bragging rights was a $20.00 gift card.

This is bullshit.

We, the representatives of “Meghan’s New Hair Color” demand all the riches. We want half of our bill paid, or at least a $50.00 gift card. In other words, give us a reason to keep coming back to your Trivia Night, because a mere $20 gift card isn’t going to cut it.

So this is where you, the fine CTBoom reader come in.

I’d like you to please leave some Trivia Night recommendations below. Preferably for Thursday nights, but we’re really not that picky. We’d just to know where it’s hot, where the questions have a good level of difficulty, and most importantly, who’s got the biggest payoff.

Do please let us know, and be forewarned. “Meghan’s New Hair Color” might be knockin’ on the door of one of those nights you’ve recommended.

What do you think? Comment below