Pretty soon you might start seeing driverless cars on the highway!  CT plans allowing these self-driving cars onto our highways for a new testing program.

NBC Connecticut reports that Governor Malloy launched the Fully Autonomous Vehicle Testing Pilot Program.  Or FAVTPP for short.

Basically, it allows up to four cities or towns to test self-driving cars on their local roadways.

Malloy sounds pretty excited about this new program, too.   He praised the motion, calling self-driving cars the vehicle of the future:

“These vehicles are going to be part of our lives soon and we want to take proactive steps to have our state be at the forefront of this innovative technology.”

However, not every seemingly enjoys the state’s race to 3018. Actually, some feel like Malloy pushed this through for all the wrong reasons.

In fact, this announcement comes days after Sen. Richard Blumenthal expressed interest in tightening legislation concerning autonomous cars.

The Senator feels that the technology is just too new at this point and sees it as a possible danger to the public.   In his proposal, he calls for a manual override option in all these vehicles.  In addition, he also pressed for more transparency concerning data and safety evaluations.

He feels that people are too enamored by self-driving cars to see the potential consequences:

“This technology is nowhere near as smart as people assume it is. Being in that vehicle is a little bit like having a toddler at the wheel. Fine as long as there’s no crisis.”

Pretty heavy criticism, huh?  Then again, Blumenthal does have a point.  This technology is new so there’s bound to be several kinks to work through before it’s perfected.

For example: consumer reports find that these cars remain unable to react to sudden changes in road conditions.  For example, these cars don’t know how to react when a road ends.  They also fail to react properly to cars parked in their lane.

Considering cars can be used as weapons, naysayers have a right to express doubt.  I know I wouldn’t want to share the road with a self-driving car unless its technology is superior to my driving skills.

However, Malloy wants the state to rush ahead with  letting our state become the testing ground of this new breed of car.  He believes this will send the right message to the science and technology industries.

Mostly, he hopes this will attract investors and new businesses into the state.

“We are showing this industry and those around the country that we promote the development of these kinds of forward-thinking, technology-driven products in Connecticut.”

Obviously, he wants the state to jump to the forefront of this budding new industry.  We do need a new shtick considering our reputation as a insurance state kinda went down the pooper.  We need a new angle, so to say.

So, in a way, Malloy’s hankering for autonomous cars is a smart move.  Unfortunately, he didn’t consider this fully and comes across as increasingly short sighted.

Honestly, CT has ways to go before it attracts these kinds of businesses.  It has miles to go before this state becomes attractive to investors and start ups.

Study after study finds that we are among the least friendly business-friendly states.   Our taxes are too high and our politicians regularly seem hostile to the demands of business owners.  You know, their whole crusade against CEOs and the 1 percent?

So, it’ll be awhile before a budding new market would willingly want to put roots down in this state.

On top of that, our roads are some of the worst in the country.  Not to mention our traffic continually ranks among the worst bottlenecks and commutes in the nation.  So, it’s a bit ironic that we want to pursue the DRIVING industry when our roads are this abysmal.

So, I don’t think many people will fall for Malloy’s grand dog and pony showw.  I doubt this new program won’t win him any favors, either.    Also, what would happen if one of these vehicles caused ANOTHER fatal accident… what then?  Who’d get blamed for that?

Yeah, Malloy would rather throw his own mother under a bus than accept the blame for anything.  So, don’t point a finger at him if this program causes a fatality.

But, more importantly, the point of any business is to stay operational and to make money. CT has a lot of issues that aren’t conducive to either of those goals.  To put it simply: we aren’t fooling anyone.  You paint a pile a poop in gold… we’ll still know what’s underneath everything that glitters.

Anyways, we might see self-driving cars on the highways soon.  As of right now, the state wants municipalities to apply to bring those cars to their roads.  Here’s hoping the winning areas don’t happen to be in Fairfield County or anywhere along 95.

How do you feel about these autonomous vehicles coming to CT?  Would you want to share the highway with them?  Why or why not?

Also, is anyone else here sick with our Governor constantly being on PR mode for the nation instead of, you know, fixing the mess he made?  Seriously, America, this guy isn’t as great as he makes himself out to be.

There’s a reason Malloy is the least liked governor in the nation, so don’t fall for his smoke and mirrors.

Looking at you, John Legend.

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