Concerns?  Questions? Or just have a burning desire to work off some calories?  Whatever your motive, Senator Chris Murphy wants you to join him for a hike this Sunday!

The Senator issued his invitation since Sunday will, supposedly, have nice weather.  Either way, he hopes this will serve as an opportunity to connect with his constituents.

So, if you live near Stratford or along the shoreline, you’re pretty close by.  He intends on hosting the hike at Roosevelt Forest.  For you people who need to look it up with a GPS, that’s at 700 Peters Lane, Stratford.

That said, bring your hiking shoes, a brain full of questions, and also plenty of bug spray.  Apparently, this year’s mosquito population is worse than last year’s.

Besides hiking, what else does Senator Murphy wish to do with his time?  Well, he says that since the hike is easy, he’ll field questions and concerns from fellow hikers.

On top of that, he’ll provide updates about his work in Washington.  He wants this hike to serve as a mobile town hall where people enjoy a bit of exercise and healthy debate.

So, who’s invited?  Pretty much anyone, actually.  He encourages you bring the kids, pets, and friends along on this easy path.

Also, before you cry “FAKE!” his staffers verified this event.  Apparently they JUST got the go-ahead, so they just started advertising it.  If you wish to join Senator Murphy this Sunday, email or call (860) 549-8463.

The hike kicks off at 2:30PM.

So, if you could ask Senator Chris Murphy any question, what would it be?  Personally, I’d ask about delivery charges on my utility and also if he plans on accepting more campaign money from Eversource.   Sure, the hike is a plus, but I would use my time to voice my concerns.

This guy literally opened himself up to criticism and praise, so points for bravery right there.

Do I think other politicians should take a page from Murphy’s book?  Heck yeah I do.  They need to increase their accessibility because, sometimes, email or phone calls just aren’t enough.

While I appreciate Murphy doing what he can to connect with the community, we should do our part to tell him our honest feelings and opinions.  If you’re upset or disappointed by his work, tell him.  If you think he’s done an excellent job, tell him too!  That’s the beauty of this hike.

He has no choice but to listen and take your concerns seriously.  He won’t know about your issues if you don’t attend… right?

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