This article was originally published on April 2, and we’ve still not heard from the Vibes organizers on this matter. We did learn today that even San Diego Comic-Con has said “no” on selfie sticks.

So…is it really too much to ask?

Let’s get it out of the way – selfie sticks are the absolute worst. Like Bluetooth earpieces (remember how awesome you looked with those on your ear!), they’re just exceedingly uncool.

We all know how terrible they are – and if you happen to be someone who owns one, you know deep down they’re ridiculous. Selfies themselves are ridiculous, and this just makes it worse.

You may have heard the news that concert festivals have now banned them outright, and we’re talkin’ the legit festivals – Coachella, Lollapalooza, Hangout; all following the lead of UK venues. They realize that they make you look like a tool, and they’re a massive annoyance if it happens to be in the way of someone enjoying the performances.

And most importantly, it means you’re not even watching the performances that you paid for!

Having said that, Connecticut’s biggest music festival is Gathering of the Vibes – and it’s now 118 days away – plenty of time for the organizers to make their stand. Now by the time July 30 rolls around, the selfie stick may be passe.

But in case it’s not, and to help ensure that it happens, the festival could and should make a stand and simply say “no.”

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