Something is very wrong with Fairfield County.  Every day, there’s a new story about a rash of car burglaries and thefts.  Because the residents just refuse to lock their doors.

And the problem is getting worse.

For example: the town of Darien now has an “easy pickings” reputation because thieves are striking gold every night.  If you don’t believe me, check out Darien Daily Voice.  Police say 22 car burglaries happened last week.  All because they were left unlocked.

To make matters worse, residents keep leaving their valuables in plain sight.  Like credit cards and wallets.  I know, who DOES that?

Like I said, Fairfield County is like a goldmine to criminals desperate to make a quick buck.

Sometimes, these thieves make off with some pretty expensive cars, too.  Because some people are also leaving their keys inside their unlocked cars.  In plain sight, like the center console.  True story.

Two Porsches were stolen out of Ridgefield and Darien so far this year.  That’s on top of the mountains of other expensive cars, like BMWs and Audis.  Again, people leaving their cars unlocked with the keys inside.

Honestly, it’s just upsetting that people aren’t getting the memo to lock their cars and take their valuables inside.  I bet local police are going absolutely nuts over how much preventable crime is happening.

Look, I get that it’s sad.  People who used to feel that their neighborhood was safe are finding out how much the world has changed.  The scum of the earth is taking advantage of their trust.

And, unfortunately for Fairfield County, they’re making it so easy for criminals.  So this is going to keep on happening.

If some gangbanger wants to take a Mercedes Benz for a joyride, all they have to do is tug on a few door handles.  They’ll eventually find a make and model they like unlocked with the keys inside.  There’s nothing stopping them but the owner’s own apathy.

And, most likely, that criminal will also get some extra expensive goodies, like designer sunglasses and gift cards.

So, why would they stop coming to Fairfield County every night?  Because it’s wrong?   Heck no.

Problem is, the people doing all this thievery don’t care and they are probably thankful that these residents don’t seem to care about their personal property.

The only way they’ll stop is if people start locking their doors and taking everything that can be pawned off inside.  Frankly, that takes, at most, 30 seconds.  But, somehow, people still aren’t doing it.

They’d rather risk waking up a victim than wasting the energy unlocking their car the following morning.  Yeah, makes sense.

Meanwhile, criminals get to enjoy a bountiful haul every night.  It’s to the point that gangs are now starting to get involved because it’s the easiest money they can hope to make.

It’s incredibly frustrating.  On one hand, I deeply sympathize with Fairfield County residents.  I’d love to live in an area where I can feel safe leaving my car unlocked.  It’d be so nice not living with the paranoia that I accidentally left my charger out in the open.

But, the world has changed.  So, Fairfield County residents need to start changing with it or this will just keep happening.


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