Come on. It’s April 24!

Last weekend, I had to open up the windows to let in the good, fresh air. You know, because it’s Spring. Yesterday, I had to close them. Because it’s apparently Winter…again.

Connecticut went through a freeze watch last night – and we’ll go through another tonight. So all those winter clothes you put away you gotta dig out again.

And UConn students who are doing their thing for Spring weekend tonight will…well they’ll probably still be causing trouble outside despite the cold.

I mean allergies have already kicked up – you’re sneezing more, you can admit it. That means this nonsense is supposed to be over for six months – that’s the deal we’ve made with the Earth. How can the cold weather be coming back again?

This is someone’s idea of a cruel, cruel joke. What have we done to deserve this?

Top Image: © iStock/Thinkstock

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