For the first time, maybe ever, C-SPAN was not the most boring thing on television yesterday. That is because actor Seth Rogen actually prepared and delivered a statement during a U.S. Senate hearing on Alzheimer’s Disease. As you can imagine it was not a normal afternoon on Capitol Hill.

Even though Seth did make a few jokes about marijuana, Senator’s never seeing his movie Knocked Up before and his love for House of Cards as one of the reasons he was there, he did actually deliver a heartfelt testimony about his mother-in-law’s struggles with the disease.


[youtube_sc url=”UHqx3-mfHAY”]


This video has been all over the internet today. I just love that Seth was able to use the cultural impact he has on America to raise awareness about something that he feels strongly about and affects him personally. C-SPAN definitely needs more of this.

Well done, Seth Rogen. Also, he continues to have the greatest laugh of all time.




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