One of the strongest ice storms to hit Connecticut in quite a while, Winter Storm Yoshi came through with 45 mph winds and frigid temperatures. Hundreds of trees are down in the Naugatuck River Valley, with towns like Bethany, Oxford, Woodbridge being hit extremely hard.

Over 30,000 people at one point were without power, and Ed Crowder, the spokesman from United Illuminated was quoted as saying-

“Among the hardest-hit communities are New Haven with about 4,000 outages, Hamden with about 2,500 outages, as well as Woodbridge and North Haven, each with about 1,000 outages.”

With wind gusts up over 50 mph and temperatures barely pushing past ten degrees, it’s making it difficult for workers to get everyone back on track to get power. If you see a worker trying to help, offer them a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. No one should have to be in this weather and they’re doing the best they can to help us get back to our regular lives.



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