Excuse me, CT Lottery?  When will I win something other than a pat on the back and a “try again next time?”

If what I said resonates with you, you should pick up a scratch off ticket or a numbers game because the state saw several big winners last week.

For example: CT added a brand new millionaire.  Robert Nickle, of Stratford, picked up a Mega Millions ticket at his favorite deli and won $5 million!

Yes, $5,000,000.  A life changing amount of money, if you ask me.

Newtown Daily Voice reports that Nickle decided to buy a Mega Millions ticket while driving home.  He stopped at Dolly’s Deli, grabbed a ticket, and went home without knowing his life was about to change.

The following morning, he checked the numbers in his truck and realized that he went up several tax brackets.

Also, he had to tell his friends at Dolly’s, who apparently knocked things over as they ran to congratulate him!

As for what he plans, Nickle says:

“After today, no more work—I’m going fishing. Normally I go fishing near the Long Island Sound, but I might travel out some more now—maybe to Maine.”

Lucky guy!

Also, an Easton woman also won some big bucks last week.  Lisa Nagy says her ticket purchase wasn’t planned, either.  In fact, she only bought one because her husband wanted ice cream!

Yes, she says she dines out with her husband every Tuesday, but that night he wanted to stop for ice cream.  So, while he ran inside, she asked him to grab a Win For Life ticket for fun.

Well, when the two came home, she realized he might’ve bought a winner.

Nagy told CT Post that she saw a Win for Life symbol on her ticket:

“I was pleasantly surprised! I sent a picture to my friend and went back to the retailer to use the Ticket Checker.”

But instead of receiving $2,000 per month for life, she decided to grab the lump sum… $400,000.

As for what she plans to do with the money, she wants to do some good with her blessing.

But first, she needs to settle some “normal” stuff, like bills.

As for the unsuspecting place that sold the Nagys their ice cream?  Stratfield Service Center just won a $6,000 check from CT Lottery!

Since good things come in 3’s, Fairfield County has at least one last big win in it to complete the trifecta.  It could be you!  So, start playing.

Also, if you win… consider sharing some of your prize with me since I was the one who gave you a nudge in the right direction?

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