The cold weather will stick around for a couple of days and will only get colder.  Because of this, Governor Malloy activated the state’s severe cold weather protocol.  He also mandated the protocol remain in effect until the 2nd. reports that this seasonal cold drop is definitely not normal.  This cold front not only brings bitter temperatures, but also sub-zero wind chills.  As in 30 below zero.  Not to mention how strong the winds actually are.

Weather experts say no one should be in this type of weather for extended periods of time.  Long term exposure will cause hypothermia and frost bite within 30 minutes.

And, if you don’t have a roof over your head, staying warm might become a bit of a struggle.

Our Governor, an ardent supporter of the homeless, wants everyone to help those who cannot help themselves.  Basically, if you don’t want to stay in that cold weather, the homeless probably don’t, either.  And it’s super easy to help these people through this wicked weather.

So, if you see someone shivering in the cold, call 2-1-1.   The service will direct you to the nearest shelter.  They also will transport the person in need of assistance.   You can find a list of shelters and information HERE.

In addition, the state activated its WebEOC system.  Basically, it makes life easier for first and emergency responders by allowing them to share up-to-date information.  For example, if a shelter reaches max capacity.

Communities opened up several warming centers, as well.  Just like in the summer, most of these locations are public spaces like libraries and schools.  So, if your heat kicks the bucket, you will have a place to go should you need it.

The bitter weather will only get worse from here on out.   The Weather Channel called this particular cold front “dangerous.”   The wind chill values definitely played a role in that.  However, with overnight temperatures reaching only the single to sometimes negative digits… yeah, it ain’t pretty.

This cold air will linger until next Sunday, January 7th.  So, hang on tight and button up.  It’s frostbite weather out there…

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