A gruesome discovery in New Haven yesterday as police were alerted to a pair of severed legs near State St. The limbs were found near the train station leading some to think that the unknown victim was hit by a train. That all changed when an arm was found inside a plastic bag below the Chapel St. bridge.

Authorities are cautioning people not to assume that this is a New Haven based attack. There is a possibility that the limbs were dumped after the dismemberment happened elsewhere. New Haven certainly doesn’t need the bad press that comes along with a story like this.

It isn’t a stretch to think that the dismemberment occurred elsewhere. New Haven makes for a pretty convenient spot as it is right off 95. If you are making the trek between NYC and Boston, say on a run for your crime family, then New Haven is a good spot to dump the evidence.

You can bet your ass that every agency that can get involved in this case will. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of it or this could be the lead story in a rebooting of Unsolved Mysteries.

Via NHRegister

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