Earlier this month, we found out that David Rennie from Shelton was the big winner of HGTV’s Dream Home giveaway. He and his wife Margaret won a $1.3 million fully-furnished Florida riverfront home, $250,000 in cash, a 2016 GMC Acadia Denali, and a 2016 Bryant Sperenza boat.

However, he didn’t have to take that if he didn’t want to.

And he didn’t.

Maybe he didn’t like the color of the house, maybe he didn’t like the neighborhood, or maybe because of just “Florida” in general, he opted to take cash money instead.

Now, since David took the money he walked away with a cool $900,000…plus he gets to keep the car and the boat! Not too shabby indeed.

And, if you really want the house yourself, well now it’s on the market.

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