Yes! The Wiffle Ball is up for induction as one of the nominees in the Class of 2015 for the National Toy Hall of Fame! November 5 we’ll find out for sure if the Shelton-based Wiffle Ball actually goes in.

But now you’re saying – wait, there’s a toy hall of fame?!?

Of course there is! Seriously – everything has a hall of fame. It’s in Rochester, New York, and has been around for a few years. They only induct a few each year, so it’s gonna be tough for the Wiffle Ball to go in – it has competition against the likes of American Girl Dolls, Jenga, Twister, the Super Soaker, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Here’s the official nomination description:

Since 1953, many children have started their baseball careers swinging at a Wiffle Ball, a perforated plastic orb designed for play among a few friends in the small backyards surrounded by the breakable windows of suburban America. Wiffle Ball’s inventors determined that a ball with eight oblong slots cut into one hemisphere worked best at grabbing the air and diverting the trajectory. Pitchers then could easily throw curves, sliders, or even difficult knuckle balls.

The Wiffle Ball actually won’t be the first Connecticut toy to go into the hall – LEGO (out of Enfield) went in back in 1998, the first year of the hall.

But we’re still waiting on Orange to get represented with Pez dispeners. I mean, technically it could be a toy, right?

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