There are many reasons to have a beer. You can have a beer to celebrate a good day. You can have a beer to forget a bad day. You can have a beer just because nothing really happened that day. All valid reasons.

And now, as if we needed it, there is one more valid reason on the list: Because we love Connecticut.

Sure, it might not be your primary reason for guzzling down a cold beer, but like or not, every pint is like a little hug for our state. In 2014, those hugs amounted to a $2 billion impact on the state’s economy, according to a report from Patch that cited a Beer Institute and National Beer Wholesalers Association study.

The article was chockfull of Connecticut beer facts and how your night(s) out at the bar are lifting us all up. Here’s just a few:

  • The beer business in our state employed 14,525 people and paid them almost $750 million
  • Our beloved boozy suds and their $2 billion impact played a role in all kinds of industries, from mining and agriculture to real estate and transportation
  • Connecticut is home to 49 breweries and 74 beer wholesalers
  • The government was surely happy to receive a little less than $240 million in taxes at the local, state, and federal levels

So there you have it: You might not be drinking because Connecticut is your favorite place in the world, but each beer is still helping everyone here in our state except for maybe your liver. But don’t pay attention to that, that guy’s a bummer. Have another beer (or two) and show Connecticut some love.

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