It’s that time of year when it seems like everyone is traveling – whether it’s a week away or a weekend getaway. Meanwhile, you’re still at home scrolling through their pictures.

However, if this sounds like you, you’re not the only one who is not taking some time off. According to an article on Travel and Leisure entitled 9 Signs You Need A Vacation, a 2017 survey conducted by Allianz Global Assistance revealed that 48 percent of millennials do not use their paid time off. Furthermore, the article also said that nearly 53 percent of Americans have gone over a year without a vacation, and 37 percent have gone two years without a vacation.

While many don’t realize is that vacations are actually kind of necessary. According to the article, nearly 81 percent of managers said that taking some time off can “alleviate burnout.” Furthermore, the article cited Psychology Today research that showed taking a vacation can help reduce stress levels.

Let’s be honest, here – we all need some time off every once in a while. And, that’s okay. So, if it’s been a while since your last vacation and you’re starting to exhibit some of these following signs, you better get your out of office email ready and treat yourself to a well deserved few days off.

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