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Easily one of the coolest manufacturers to operate out of Connecticut is Sikorsky Aircraft. Their headquarters are located right here in Stratford just a few miles away from the CT BOOM offices. Which means a few times a day our writers look out the window to see some of the craziest black hawk helicopters being tested overhead. Every once in a while getting a little TOO close to the side of our building.

There is now a brand new chopper that we will definitely be keeping an eye out for.

Yesterday the Marine Corps held a special event down at Sikorsky’s Development Flight Center in Palm Beach County to debut their most powerful, technologically advanced, biggest load helicopter yet. The CH-53k or by it’s more bad-ass name “King Stallion”.



It’s only a matter of time now before the King Stallion is flying high above us here in Milford.



via Courant | Photo: Carline Jean, Sun Sentinel / May 4, 2014 

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