With dry conditions predicted well into winter, Connecticut residents need to start buttoning up their water use.

It’s rare for a drought to last far after summer, but it can and will happen if the conditions are just right for it.

WFSB reports that Governor Malloy is strongly urging citizens to rethink their water usage and has placed six Connecticut counties under a drought watch.  In a prepared statement, the Governor said, “After three years of precipitation shortfalls, we are moving to a Drought Watch and it would be extremely helpful if residents could be mindful of their water consumption and take sensible steps to help stretch our water supply.”

A drought watch is put in effect when the state is experiencing moderate to severe drought conditions.

The affected areas are Fairfield, Hartford, Litchfield, Middlesex, New Haven and Tolland Counties.  Residents of those areas are asked to cut water consumption by at least 15 percent until conditions improve.

Several water emergencies have already been placed in some areas, like Waterbury, where outdoor water bans have been enacted to preserve dwindling supplies.

20 water companies have issued “voluntary conservation or imposed mandatory restrictions” to their customers, which you can find HERE.

This is the first time a drought watch has been declared so late in the year.  A drought watch is the 2nd step in a four part water preservation plan, so although caution is strongly advised, there is no need to panic.

For tips on how to reduce your water consumption, click HERE

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