Summer is finally here. Since I’m not much of a beach bum guy I enjoy spending my summer days at either music festivals, sporting events or amusement parks. The good news is that living in New England there is no shortage of amusement parks within driving distance.

It’s always exciting to see what new rides get rolled out each year. Being the roller coaster junkie that I am, the news of Six Flags New England‘s new Wicked Cyclone coaster had me out of my mind pumped. Mostly because this is not your standard roller coaster. It’s actually the first ever hybrid roller coaster on the East Coast. This might be an issue for roller coaster purists who only want original wooden coaster feel, but I am quite intrigued by the concept.

Apparently the new ride is extremely smooth and really fast. Which is really all I care about. The faster, higher, more insane the better. Those are my only requests for a great coaster. The Wicked Cyclone seems to be exactly that. It’s 10 stories tall!!!

The description from Six Flags is everything I want:

The ride stands 10 stories in the sky and reaches speeds of 55 mph. Once the twenty-four thrill seekers board Wicked Cyclone, it quickly climbs the 109 foot hill to then plummet at maximum speeds while providing riders with weightlessness and a truly wicked ride.



We are only days away from what could be my new favorite coaster ever. Wicked Cyclone officially opens on May 24th.

I MUST ride this thing. It’s my one mission this summer actually.


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